Web hosting is providing facilities for anybody to host a website or web page for anybody to access on the Internet. Web hosting provides Servers that store website or web pages and access  to either is via its URL (Uniform Resource Locator)  an example of URL is  https://casimirbiriyok.com

Typing the URL into a browser, one will then be connected to the server storing the web pages or the website.

There are many Webhosting companies and some that I have used or still using and are highly recommend are Blue Host and Inmotion hosting.


These are professional Webhosting company with dedicated helplines and professional staff. Both companies will make sure that their clients’ websites are running. They provide personalized emails. e.g Casimir@casimirbiriryok.com. They troubleshoot for Web sites owner, send reminders about domain names renewal, and even provide renewal facilities.

Webhosting is, therefore, an important aspect of eCommerce, email communications, and many more.

How Does Webhosting Work?

With a web site or a web page ready, the next step is hosting. So how does Webhosting work?   The next step is to buy space in a Domain Name Server (DNS) The Web hosting company will likely recommend the best as per your requirement.

Webhosting Company like BlueHost will provide and even advise you on the best hosting package.

Why Do You Need Webhosting?

We’ve already seen how Webhosting increases your site’s chances of getting found on the internet.  But that’s not all!

Here’re other reasons why you need Webhosting for your site to flourish;

Keeps your site alive

Without a Webhosting service, you can be sure no one can see your site on the Web.

Webhosting services link up users with your site through its servers. Your website is available to other users who log on based on your domain name and IP.

Sure connectivity challenges could arise, but having your site linked up to a Web host is the first and right step you can take.

Gives you space for content management

When you’ve got a ton of content to manage on your website, using a Webhosting service is the only way to go.

Web hosts avail their users with servers and storage capabilities which enable them to update and create new content with ease.

Let’s not forget Word Press and how it’s turned Webhosting services on its head. A decent Webhosting service should have a free install waiting for newly registered users.

Word Press manages a chunk of content management across many sites (upwards of 20%) and remains a choice for many owners.

Avails you some expertise for your investment

There’re many Webhosting platforms fond of taking your money and shutting up. But not all are that notorious.

Webhosting platforms such as BlueHost normally have additional services included in their hosting services. Such platforms are the gold-standards for numerous sites based on the extra recommendations and more they give.

Webhosting and Domain – Are They the Same?

Although Webhosting and domain names are closely linked, they’ve got their differences. Here’s what differentiates them;

You can’t get a Webhosting service without getting a domain first

A domain name is what a website is identified with. Take it as its name on the Web. You can get a domain name through a registrar that specializes in marketing website names.

With a selected name, that’s when you need to get a Webhosting service. Some Webhosting services offer domain name registration and hosting, but these services aren’t to be confused with Webhosting.

Is domain name hosting the same with Webhosting?

Domain name hosting services are different from Webhosting in a few ways.

Know this, domain name hosting primarily focuses on your DNS (your domain name’s translation to boring digits). Webhosting focuses on getting your site visible online.

With this simple distinction, I don’t think there’s any need to explain further.

Types of Webhosting Services

To provide you a clear idea of Webhosting services available online, you’ve got to know the types available. Here they are;

Dedicated Server

A dedicated server has a ton of benefits, but these gains come at a price.

When your site is hosted through a dedicated channel, you’d rest assured you’re the only one there.

With such exclusive services, more people will be able to link up to your site. Also, you’d have more than enough space for content management and lots more.

If a dedicated server is what you fancy, expect to pay up to a hundred bucks every month for this service.

Virtual Private Server

With a virtual private server, many websites have their sites hosted with each account possessing exclusive control.

With a VPS server, you’d be able to get space for hosting your website with a little more freedom and cost than a shared server.

When you’ve got your site hooked onto a VPS server, you may need to spend upwards of $20 per month.

Shared Server

A shared server can be likened to a room with numerous occupants. If you’re running your Webhosting services through a shared server, expect a lot of hiccups when users cram up.

Shared servers are ideal for a lot of website owners based on their price advantage. But asides the $3 or less you’d need to pay per month, a lot is not-so-enticing in this server.

But if you’re just starting out your website and don’t have the budget for better hosting services, shared servers are perfect, to begin with.


Now that you’ve seen what Webhosting is, there’s no way you won’t know where to get the best services for your site.

Make a decent choice that’s sure to get you linked up with the world, and boost your business in ways you never imagined!

We strongly recommend BlueHost for your website or web pages hosting.

BlueHost is probably the best in the Webhosting field. At the time of recommendation it comes with:

  • Free Domain for a year
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1-Click Word Press included
  • Exceptional 24/7 Support.
  • Host multiple domains under one account
  • Discount for the first year. Claim the discount by clicking here
  • Advice on the best hosting package

We use BlueHost for all our websites  including this one.

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