Knowing how to write an eBook and make money is one of the passive ways of getting a steady stream of income online. With a well-written eBook, you’d be sure of getting an extra source of cash in a rather passive fashion.

And there’s one great aspect of writing eBooks as a part of your cash campaign – you can always raise the stakes.

But a lot of people fail woefully with their eBook writing and end up bringing in $0. If you’re looking for how to avoid such a bad eBook promotion, it’s perfect you’re reading this.

Right here, you’d learn how to bring in more funds by writing eBooks. You’d learn everything in a step-by-step (stepwise) approach; and a whole lot more!

How Much Can You Make Selling eBooks?

The amount of cash you bring in selling eBooks rests on a number of factors.

If you’ve got everything just right, you can make anywhere within $300 to several thousand dollars every month.   In Agust 2019, Amazon’s share of the ebook market was 67% and ebook makes up 18% of the total book market according to the Ebook Industry news. The market for e-books according to  Statista is growing at 4.2%. All you need is just a small piece of that.

To maximize your cash return from putting an eBook up for sale, you need more than great writing skills. And you’ll get to see what to do for the best income stream from an eBook later on in this read.

Can One Make a Living Selling eBooks?

Yes, you can. But there’s something you have to know.

There’re lots of eBook writers out there. However, only the best eBook can get you a decent living. therefore, it is essential to go through this  article  on how to write an eBook and Make Money with how to publish your book with Amazon Kindle  Publishing 

Selling eBooks can get you a good return on investment. But don’t expect it to happen all of a sudden. You must put in the work both in terms of quality content and marketing drive.

According to Statista, the revenue in the eBooks segment amounts to US$15,740b in 2020. This is expected to have an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 4.2%, resulting in a market volume of US$18,533b by 2024.

The market is big and growing. This is a real door of opportunity and the beauty is that the door of this opportunity has one handle, and it is on your side. All you have to do is open it. The choice is actually yours.  Whatever you decide, you will be responsible for the rest of your life.

My take is, if you open that door, your tomorrow will thank you for your today’s action.

How long or short should an eBook be?

Your eBook length depends on the content you’re thinking of putting out there. You could think getting an absurdly long eBook published will give you a greater profit. Honestly, the reverse is what usually happens.

Get your content sizeable. If you’re a great writer, you’d know what I mean. Use words concisely, and make your content as engaging as possible. Avoid filler statements that could bore your readers, and most of all, keep your words very simple. Do not expect your readers to read your e-book with a dictionary by their side.

With such a practice, you could downsize a 50-page draft somewhere within 20 – 25 pages of great content.

Here’s a scenario that mostly occurs with an eBook that’s too long or terribly short.

Do you know how lots of folks skip reading stuff on mobile devices? That’s what will likely happen to a lengthy eBook with nothing to offer. With a ton of bad reviews targeted at your eBook, you may lose your investment quicker than a flash. We are in a “microwave generation” everybody wants everything at an instant. People want information summarised in bits. This generation does not have time for long stories.

Which Areas Can One Write-On?

Getting the perfect niche to write one is a must to make it big with an eBook.

Here’s the reason why.

A lot of writers tend to write on topics they feel will bring them more income. But that’s less likely to bring you more money if you don’t know enough in that niche.

There’re tons of niches you can focus on where your writing powers are supercharged. In such a niche, you’d have a better chance of commanding more sales than in other crowded spaces.

Finding out where to channel your writing skills isn’t overly difficult when you apply these steps;

  • Check out niches you actually know more than average stuff on.
  • Channel your time to search out trending topics in your selected niche (keyword research)
  • Pick top topics sure to interest readers.
  • Generate sub-topics around your chosen topics.
  • Make time out to determine if a topic should be a full eBook or a sub-topic.

With these steps, you can get great ideas to write on that’ll certainly bring in a decent amount of funds when you’re through. Above is how to write an eBook and Make Money.

How to write an eBook and Make Money

Now to the interesting stuff!

When you’ve discovered what to write on, the next step is to find out how to write an eBook.

Here’re the steps you have to follow:

Get great content drawn up

It’s suicidal to churn out your first draft with a cover as a complete eBook. You could get pulverized by negative reviews capable of concluding your writing career before it ever got started.

There’re lots of editors you can employ online. These guys can be brutal in giving you their opinion. And if you can look through your content objectively, you’d see they’re right most of the time.

And you can get some offline help too!  Will recommend you make Grammarly a friend if you are going to be a writer. Grammarly will help with spelling, sentence construction, plagiarism, and many more. It is a wonderful app. Obviously, this can never be a substitute for a good editor

Do you know any relative capable of giving you a thorough, unbiased review? Such a person could be the editor you need.

But sending out your work for external input should be done after you’ve done your own thorough proofread.

Also, you’d need to proofread your draft whenever it’s sent back.

Use the right format

It’s a must to apply the right font and overall formatting when getting your eBook ready for publishing. There’re some publishing platforms, such as Amazon’s KDP, that require your eBook meets a specific formatting style before publishing. Other platforms include NOOK Press, iBooks Author, Google Play, Lulu, Blurb, Smashwords, Kobo Writing Life, etc.

A beautiful book cover creates the first impression on potential readers.  A cover is like a door, you need to get somebody inside that door so that he or she can see what is inside. If the door is inviting, people will like to open the door just to take a look.

The idea is, if we get them to look inside, they may like what is inside. Therefore, it is essential you get them to take a  look inside.  What this also means is that the content of the book must be good for this is the only way you will get them to stay inside. Therefore, an appropriate and attractive beautiful book cover design is essential.

You could get a book cover ready within a few days on freelancing sites for as low as $20.00 0r even less. However, I will not recommend a cheap book cover. You can use Canva or go to Freelance sites like,, 99 Design for a good book cover design.

Publish your eBook with an ISBN

Getting an international standard book number, or ISBN for short is a must to give your eBook a better identification status. The ISBN identifies the title, edition, format. author(s), publisher, year of publication, and where the book was published. It is used by Libraries, publishers, and bookstores for inventory control, sales reporting, and ordering.

ISBN cost is $125.00 for a single number. 10 ISBN is about $295.00 and 100  ISBN is about $575.00 at the time of writing  April 2020.

Do you book need ISBN? ISBN is only necessary if you intend to sell your book(s) in bookstores or stock these in Libraries but this is only applicable to the physical book. You do not need an ISBN for an ebook. However, I have created one for my ebook an example is Home Based Business Opportunities – 14 GREAT Home Based Business Ideas For Everyone… Kindle Edition

There are rare books that do not have ISBN but these have some catalog number assigned. The whole concept of an ISBN is to able to identify a book anywhere in the world.

An author can get a free ISBN from some publishers like Amazon KDP. Should you accept a free offer?   This could be a straight forward way to go but know that whoever gives you the ISBN will be the publisher and all orders for the book will go to them. Therefore, if you have a publishing company or are self-publishing and you want the name of your company as the publisher then you must buy your own ISBN in the name of your company or person.

This means you can move your book to a different printer or even a publisher if you want. You can do deals direct with potential wholesale buyers etc. This is only possible if you bought the ISBN in your publishing name.  My recommendation is, buy your own ISBN.

Where and How to buy ISBN

ISBN is locally assigned but internationally acknowledged. In the USA, for example, Bowker is the only company authorized to administer the ISBN, In the UK you can buy your ISBN from Nielsenisbnstore. If you are in another Country  visit


When you’ve got the steps perfectly, you can cheaply get an eBook published and make the most of your investment. I hope I have been able to show you how to write an eBook and Make Money.

There’re different ways to sell your eBook online, and each method promises great returns. So get writing, and head on your way to financial freedom!

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