Getting your book published is a sure dream for you right now. And just as you’d have it, book publishing has become much more comfortable than in the old days. You’ve got to know much about how to publish your book with Amazon Kindle Publishing. And it’s got to be right now!

Back then, you’d have to be published by a reputable company to stand a chance of success. But fast forward to the present, and all that’s obsolete! The advent of tech innovations has made book publishing easier and accessible to a more significant number of people. Let’s not forget it’s more economical than other now crude publishing techniques.

So, if you’ve been harboring a dream to get published as fast as possible, Amazon Kindle publishing is your lifeline!
Aside from being the most elegant way to get your book to more people, it could be a bankroller if you’ve got the mind for it. Let’s get reading!

e-Publishing 101: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Get Your Book Published on Amazon Kindle

How to Publish Your Book with Amazon Kindle Publishing

Step 1 – Get Registered

The only route to getting your book published is through registering an account. For those who don’t know, here it is:

Setting up your Kindle account:

  • Visit the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) webpage with the following URL (
  • Register your account with your e-mail address or Amazon account
  • Select ‘Update’ in ‘Account Information.’ In this window, you’ll need to complete your tax information details.
  • You must do this, or it’ll be tricky to publish your book.
  • Select ‘Finished’ when you’re sure everything’s done and return to the main menu.

Step 2 – Your Book’s Main Info

In your KDP account, you’ll have to get your book’s title/subtitle filled out. Subtitles aren’t compulsory, but it’s an excellent way to get your book a better description. Prospective buyers will get to see this info before even getting a preview of your book.
Your book’s title and subtitle will also make it easy to locate among the haystack of books on Amazon Kindle.

While selecting a rigid title may have been the norm in conventional publishing, the same can’t be said in the eBook space. Your title and subtitle should be captivating to ensure more buyers get interested in buying.
Apart from a captivating title, the subtitle also has an essential feature. You can make use of your caption in letting your readers know what they stand to gain from making a purchase.

Step 3 – Book Meta

Your book’s description acts more as a pre-amble to your main title. With such a specification, you’ve got the opportunity to hit a sales pitch of sorts to reel readers in.
When getting your book description written, make sure to do this. Consider the type of audience and preferred message to get a decent idea of what to put down for public view.

Step 4 – Keyword Research

Since there’s a mountain of books on Amazon, there’s a high likelihood of related works on your chosen topic. How does your book stand out among the crowd – keyword research!

It is essential to get the right amount of words included in your book’s title and other areas. Your subtitle and description could also be a good location for your keywords.
And most fundamentally, note that Amazon allows a maximum combination of seven (7) keywords per book, so choose wisely!

Step 5 – Pick Your Categories

With this feature, users will be able to access your book based on its category. Categories are also used as a ranking system for books on Amazon Kindle. You’ll see the categories of your book clearly displayed close to the bottom of your page.

Step 6 – Upload Manuscript on Amazon

Kindle books have a specific format with which you can view them. So, you’ve got to make your manuscript readable in kindle format.
Follow these steps to get your book uploaded on Amazon:

  • On your KDP account, locate ‘Bookshelf’ in your primary tab
  • Select ‘Kindle eBook Actions’ next to your book title
  • Select the ‘Upload eBook manuscript.’
  • Upload your file
  • Ensure its complete
  • Return to your main menu

After the upload is complete, you’ll receive a message confirming the document is saved. Also, previewing your document is only possible after a successful upload.  If there’re any typos or mistakes in your material, you can get them easily changed and overwritten.

Step 7 – Book Cover Design and Formatting

You’ve got to choose a beautiful, eye-catching book cover. It’s just the right step to take when putting your book on Amazon Kindle.
Ensure you make the right choice for a cover design, and if possible, get an expert to handle the work for you. If you’re on a budget and can’t afford expensive book covers, there’s hope for you.

What you need is help from design experts who ply their trade on freelancing sites. They’re lots of guys on Fiverr, 99 Designs, and the like who can handle the design you need in record time.

Step 8 – Pricing

The last step in getting your book published is setting up the price. If you’re concerned about pricing, know that Amazon gives you the possibility to change your book’s worth. Get a reasonable price for your book, and increase the rate gradually when you notice the demand coming up.

Word of Advice

After you’ve got the book published and your price set, don’t just leave it to pack dust. You could get newer editions released with more info. Who knows? Your book could become a unicorn on Amazon Kindle! Knowing how to publish your book with Amazon Kindle Publishing lone will not print in any cent unless you take action.

Many great ideas go unexecuted, and many great executioners are without ideas. One without the other is worthless.” – Tim Blixseth

Why Choose Amazon Self-Publishing?

Here’s why Amazon Kindle is the best spot for your book:

  • High commission rates (70% for you!)
  • Broad audience (Majority of books sold online are bought through Amazon Kindle)
  • The print format compatible (Your book could be ordered in print)


Here is how to Publish Your Book with Amazon Kindle Publishing: the step-by-step guide, you’ve been searching for to make your publishing dream come true! Make good use of the info you’ve got, and get published as soon as possible!


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