Biriyok Publishing Announces Exciting New Book, Shares Fourteen Great Home Business Ideas and Tips for Everyone

26th April 2020 – Biriyok Publishing has announced the release of Home Based Business Opportunities – 14 GREAT Home-Based Business Ideas For Everyone. Written by Casimir Biriyok, this exciting new book equips people around the world with the ideas, tools, and resources required to thrive in a home-based business so anyone can enjoy the flexibility and income they desire.

COVID-19 pandemic on traditional employment has left more than 1.2 million new claimants signing on for benefits since the start of the coronavirus crisis amid fears that unemployment is heading towards levels not seen since the 1980s.

 According to Christopher Hope, Chief Political; Anna Mikhailova, Deputy Political Editor and Amy Jones: Telegraph 10 April 2020.

With official unemployment figures expected to rise from COVID-19’s devastating economic impacts on the workforce, Home-Based Business Opportunities – 14 GREAT Home-Based Business Ideas For Everyone is empowering a new generation of home-based entrepreneurs and business leaders to succeed while working from home

Featuring sixteen chapters, the first fourteen give a clear and comprehensive overview of great home-based business ideas. Spanning multiple industries and work-related ventures, readers can explore the fourteen ideas at their leisure to find the opportunities best suited for their interests and skills. After choosing a path to pursue, readers will uncover a wealth of related information, including resources, tips, and tricks, in the book’s fifteenth chapter with added inspirational messages in chapter sixteen to ensure they get started with a strong foot forward for long-term success.

Teaching people to develop news skillsets and knowledge so they can thrive as their own boss, Biriyok’s new book encourages readers to take the jump and launch their home-based business today. Empowering people with inspiration and resources, readers will develop a thriving side hustle and employable skills using Biriyok’s expert guidance. In the age of the small entrepreneur, it has never been easier to learn how to maximum impact, growth, and revenue using the best information, resources, tips, and tricks available in the industry.

Helping readers embrace the freedom and flexibility of working from home, these fourteen home-based business ideas allow people to spend time with family, work remotely, build wealth and passive income, and find success today and tomorrow without the traditional 9-to-5 grind.

“I am extremely pleased with the book’s layout,” remarked Mabel Jimawo, who recently started her own home-based business. “The book is easy to read and each of the fourteen business ideas are clearly explained and easy to follow. The fifteenth chapter was just brilliant, leaving me will all the information and resources I needed to succeed.”

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Copies are available in paperwork and digital Kindle formats in most markets.

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