15 Ways to Make Money with Kindle: Make money kindle publishing: Amazon Kindle is currently the marketplace where all book publishers want to be. It’s got the most beneficial platform for bookies to access literary content of all kinds. And there’s no limit to the number of content authors can publish!  Here is a nice article about Authors who Love Amazon. 

Here are 15 ways to make money with Kindle. In other words, make money with kindle publishing. The publishing world has changed beyond recognition. Gone are the days when publishing houses had the key to which book any author can publish. If you’ve been in the dark for a while, it’s time you got out.  You can start making money with kindle publishing within weeks, if not days.  Never in the history of publishing has it been this good for authors.

If you get browsing on the internet, you’ll notice there’s a ton of testimonials of people making money on Kindle. So, why won’t you be a part of the action?!
Getting cash from being on Amazon Kindle depends entirely on you, and you could employ these 15  ways to make money with kindle.  There is also an article about  25 legitimate ways to earn money on the internet, which you may find interesting.


1 Initiate vigorous marketing on Amazon

After you’ve got your book up and running, it doesn’t end there. You’ve still got to market your book to ensure readers get to see it and appreciate its content. One way to do that is to get your designs and intros just right.
When it comes to designs, you’ve got to get an attractive book cover to draw the interest of readers. After you’re through with designs, your title and descriptions will attract more readers to get your book.
With these approaches, you can quickly get more cash in royalties from Amazon.

2 Make your book available for on-demand paperback

There’s an option on Amazon Kindle that allows publishers to make their books printable. With your books being printable, it’s easier for more users to access your work in hard copies.
Many readers prefer print over e-copies and are willing to pay more for it. And with such an option available in your books, more cash can be made quickly.

3 Get the book optimized for greater visibility on Amazon Kindle

Using keywords is massively underrated, but it’s a sure way to get more cash on Kindle. Getting your book easily visible across this platform increases the chances of sales getting up. So, when you’re researching keywords for your book, include as many keywords related to your writing as possible.

4 Ensure the eBook is available in a range of formats

And one exciting element your book gets on Kindle is the multi-format feature. You can get your eBook in audio formats, paperback, Large Print, or hard copies. This will expand the reach of your books for some people like to have the physical book, and some will like audio while other large print. Therefore, restricting your writing to just one format will limit your reach. The idea here will be to make it possible for many people to buy your book. Different formats will surely help.

5 Rake in positive reviews

Customer reviews keep your product alive on Kindle. With too many customer reviews coming in too frequently and too fast, commissions could take a hit.
Make sure your eBook is of the highest quality to avoid too many negative comments. Customers will be more inclined to buy your book with glowing reviews everywhere, so work on that!

6 Be in the correct category

Being in the wrong category on Kindle could get your marketing efforts ruined before it begins. Place your book in a section related to its content for maximum marketing impact and more sales.

7 Set a reasonable price

Setting the wrong price will turn away many customers. Ensure your price is in line with the book’s content and volume to assure more patronage.

8 Get more eBooks published

Getting more content published will naturally increase your chances of raking in more cash. If you’re focused on a particular niche, release content relevant to readers frequently.

9 Make sure you’ve got a blog

Getting a blog will make it easier to market your book across the internet for a while in many ways.
You could comfortably create a link for your book in posts from your blog. This will expose your book to readers of your blog and, by implication, more sales.

10 Social media’s an excellent way to market your books

If you already have a large following on social media, your pages can get you more cash without effort.
You just need to market the books and get links to its Kindle page across your social media accounts.

11 Link your book to a site

Your book has to be about something, right? And what you’re talking about should be on the internet without a doubt.
Get links from these sites to your book’s page on Kindle, and there’ll be an influx of buyers in no time. But one thing to consider here is credibility. People will shy away from buying anything from non-trusted sites, so aim for reliable websites.

12 E-mail marketing is also a good choice

When you’ve got the skills for e-mail marketing, you’ve got a good platform to earn more on Kindle. All you need to do is get your subscribers in the know about what benefits your book has for them. Create a link for your book in several e-mails/newsletters sent to your subscribers, and sales will surely increase.

13 Sell More Copies

It’s simple. Make sales as much as you can, and the commissions from Amazon will keep rising without hassles.

14 Create new editions of your book with more info

Don’t let your book pack up dust; ensure you get it renewed when the opportunity’s available. The reason is new content works both ways.
It could get your new edition higher selling or improve the content of your old book. Such a strategy will ensure your book remains relevant in your selected niche for as long as you’d like.

15. Link deep pages of related products to your book

Let’s say you’ve got something to sell with your book holding more helpful info on the product. When you’re describing this product on the internet, ensure you get it linked to your book’s Kindle link. With such an approach, you’ll increase the revenue stream from your writing with external links getting your book sold.


Above are 15 ways to make money with kindle: make money kindle publishing.  This is not an exhausted list, but if you follow these, with good content in your book, you will undoubtedly succeed.  Many publishers are making a killing on Kindle, so why shouldn’t you too! To paraphrase what Brian Clerk,

Finally, have a look at this article  ” How to Publish your book with Amazon Kindle” Click here to be taken to the article

“Don’t focus on having a great book. Focus on producing a book that is great for your readers.” Trust me, if you get this right, you will make money.

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      Casimir, I like the Kindle business model and am currently drafting some short books ready to publish. I’m hoping that with the right cover design and the calculated push for reviews at the start that these will turn out to be evergreen publications.

      Am going to read through your post in more detail and see if I can take anything more from the content on a second, more thorough read


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